George Street Cycleway Eggstravaganza!

To celebrate the opening of the George Street Cycleway, come on a bicycle scavenger hunt with us (The Feather Brigade) on Good Friday! (18/4/2014)

Meet us at the corner of George Street and Cleveland street in Prince Alfred Park at 1.30pm for a 2pm kick off. We will be sending everyone off in small groups to find the hidden surprises, allowing you all to explore the cycleway at your own pace. City of Sydney is also kindly providing us with Easter Eggs to hand out to passersby!
After we will be meeting at the Woolpack Hotel(cnr of Chalmers Street and Redfern st) for prize giving, general chitchat and drinks.

**All participation is at own risk, riders are responsible for their own wellbeing and safety**

What you need to bring:

Bicycle and helmet
Digital camera or phone camera (scavenger hunt involves picture taking)
Money for a drink or two

Tell us you are coming on our Facebook event page here: 


More details to follow!


Happy Velo Day!!

Happy Velo Day to all the bike riders, bike mechanics, bike planners, and bike community out there!


Now usually at this time of year we would be waking up early tomorrow and heading to the Bourke St cycleway to spread the bike love message, but sadly this year we are busy busy.  Life has got in the way.  Soo we got in early and put a little cheer up already for all you lovely bicyclists tomorrow!

Now to see if you can find our little messages…

(Cross fingers - that most messages remain intact until this time)     XXXX

And if you aren't riding along Bourke tomorrow - never fear.. We took pics and will blog happily about them soon!


Making a new bike beautiful!

The next best thing to riding your bike is decorating it... It took a while to decide on colours but I love the end result! 

I made two skirtguards attached with a combination of cable ties and micro-binder clips.. The pattern can be found at Ravelry and is pretty easy to follow! 

Then I attached a foxy bag I bought off eBay by cable-tying through the strap hoops and around the handlebars! DIY handlebar bag success! Perfect for my tissues and portable stereo! 

Then my Witch went in her pride of place as bike mascot.. This is her third bike so far and she has braved all weather conditions quite well! 

I added cherry spoke decorations that J-bot (the kindly Lass) found for me on her trip to Japan.

And then as crocheted heart on the back basket, feathers (gang insignia) and red fairylights (battery-powered).  

Looking beautiful! 

Now back to riding to more adventures!!


If you are going to wear one.. at least make it pretty!

We have done several helmet blogs in our time. Mostly rants about the law compared to other countries. Sometimes it's just easier to wear one so you don't get screamed at by every jackass on the street or in passing cars. This has been my stance of late, a big 'just leave me the heck alone'.  

Anyhoo my helmet was looking  shabby due to the fact I kept bumping it on everything and chipping the paint... 

So I stuffed paper towel in all the holes, covered the underside with some tape around the edges and went to town with the silver spraypaint!

After all if you are going to wear the bloody thing, at least make it match your shoes..

I also added a simple lace black headband so I wasn't such a chrome-dome..

Ta Da! Like new again. 

Aargh helmets, I'm wearing one, now if only all those same people (the yelling types) would at least give me a metre's space I'd think it worth it! 


Happy 2014! Hope it's electrifying!

How was everyone's Christmas and New Year? J-bot and I gave been so busy that we haven't blogged in a while. Sorry about that, life got in the way! 
We both have moved house and so have been exploring our new abode's and their surrounds. J-bot went on an exciting action-packed trip across Europe and I got a kitten friend (Satellite Fox) for Picnic Jeeves! Like you do.. 

Now back to bikes...

So I moved to Kingsford (eastern suburbs of Sydney for you overseas folk). Really pleased with the bike lanes heading towards the city, but found that heading towards the beach was not possible on my gazelle because she's made for flat land my lovely Sister Abernathy...

My lovely Gazelle.

I pondered the problem for a bit. I tried another bike to get over to Bronte but it was all too hard. I was also finding my commute to Annandale exhausting to ride (50min each way on top of a very physical 10 hour day). I found myself riding less.. *insert loud GASP here*

And then I thought electric. I looked into getting Sister Abernathy converted but she would take too much configuration. Boo! I was very sad, it meant a whole new bike. I love Sister Abernathy, she has been a loyal friend and we had gone on some great adventures together!

So after talking to stylish peeps in the know with electric help, I heard about Sydney Electric Bikes. We went and had a test ride and were excited by the electric assistance. S-boy and I both ordered normal bikes and had them converted with a SEB volt kit. 

So meet 'The Nebula Mission' (a lovely Dutch Lekker)

And 'Nero the Red', S-boy's Tokyo CS..

And oh my gosh.. When we picked them up and rode them home we were instantly hooked. SO MUCH FUN! Electric bikes turn the hilly terrain of Sydney into Amsterdam! Amazing! 

The zoom, the whizz, but also the ability to choose your level of assistance! If you haven't tried an electric I advise booking a test ride with Jake at Sydney Electric Bikes! 

So tomorrow I say 'Goodbye' to Sister Abernathy and I still feel a little sad... 


Roll with it...

Had a blast at the Frock N Roll bike ride this morning.  What a lovely group to ride with and a very mellow route that ended at the Sydney Rides Festival at Sydney Park.  Thank you to Victoria from the  Bicycle Garden for organising this!

Frocks are for everyone!

Loving Philippa's DIY crafty basket!

What an attractive crowd!

Looking lovely ladies!

Love the leafy ride under the trees of Surry Hills.

Ollie being a true bicycle garden star, carrying flowers that were sweetly given to all as a welcome.

S-boy made new friends.

 Then not long after the Cargo Bike ride joined us at the Sydney Rides Festival..

The deck chairs were a fabulous idea!

Loved the bike n blend too!

So our contribution to the festival this year?  Well we always like to make it different so this year it was a yarn bomb.  This perfectly mixes my two loves craft and bikes.  To make it even more fun, the granny squares I used were my 25 squares recieved from the Dellicious Granny Square Swap!  What am I going on about?

Well you make 25 squares (we did 6" ones).  These are mine.

Then you get 25 squares back from 25 different people.  

These are then yours to make whatever you like out of...

So I made a little something extra...

And so using the squares I spelled out the word "Roll!"

I thought it would be nice for the ladies involved in the swap to have their work noted in some way.

I hope they like it too!